Table of Contents: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Events

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1848 – 1899

July 19-20, 1848: Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention

July 4, 1855: Whitman Publishes Leaves of Grass

November 11, 1865: Mary Edwards Walker Is Awarded the Medal of Honor

August 29, 1867: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Speaks Publicly for Gay and Lesbian Rights

May 6, 1868: Kertbeny Coins the Terms “Homosexual” and “Heterosexual”

1869: Westphal Advocates Medical Treatment for Sexual Inversion

1885: United Kingdom Criminalizes “Gross Indecency”

January-June, 1886: Two-Spirit American Indian Visits Washington, D.C.

January, 1892-July, 1892: Alice Mitchell Found Guilty of Murdering Her Lover

May 25, 1895: Oscar Wilde Is Convicted of Gross Indecency

1896: Der Eigene Is Published as First Journal on Homosexuality

1896: Raffalovich Publishes Uranisme et Unisexualité

1897: Ellis Publishes Sexual Inversion

May 14, 1897: Hirschfeld Founds the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

c. 1899: Transgender Reporter Covers Spanish-American War Revolts

1901 – 1910

November 17, 1901: Police Arrest “Los 41” in Mexico City

1903: Stein Writes Q.E.D.

1905: Freud Rejects Third-Sex Theory

1906: Friedlaender Breaks with the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

1907-1909: The Eulenburg Affair Scandalizes Germany’s Leadership

1908: Carpenter Publishes The Intermediate Sex

October, 1909: Barney Opens Her Paris Salon


1912-1924: Robles Fights in the Mexican Revolution

March 15, 1919-1921: U.S. Navy Launches Sting Operation Against “Sexual Perverts”


February 19, 1923: The God of Vengeance Opens on Broadway

1924: Gide Publishes the Signed Edition of Corydon

December 10, 1924: Gerber Founds the Society for Human Rights

February, 1927: Wales Padlock Law Censors Risque Theater

1928: Hall Publishes The Well of Loneliness

1929: Davis’s Research Identifies Lesbian Sexuality as Common and Normal

1929: Pandora’s Box Opens


1930’s-1960’s: Hollywood Bans “Sexual Perversion” in Films

1933-1945: Nazis Persecute Homosexuals

June 30-July 1, 1934: Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives

1939: Isherwood Publishes Goodbye to Berlin

January 12, 1939: Thompson v. Aldredge Dismisses Sodomy Charges Against Lesbians


1947-1948: Golden Age of American Gay Literature

June, 1947-February, 1948: Vice Versa Is Published as First Lesbian Periodical

1948: Kinsey Publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male


1950: Mattachine Society Is Founded

September 24, 1951: George Jorgensen Becomes Christine Jorgensen

1952: APA Classifies Homosexuality as a Mental Disorder

1952: ONE, Inc., Is Founded

1952-1990: U.S. Law Prohibits Gay and Lesbian Immigration

1953: Kinsey Publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

1953: ONE Magazine Begins Publication

1953-1957: Evelyn Hooker Debunks Beliefs That Homosexuality is a “Sickness”

April 27, 1953: U.S. President Eisenhower Prohibits Federal Employment of Lesbians and Gays

1955: Daughters of Bilitis Founded as First National Lesbian Group in United States

1956: Baldwin Publishes Giovanni’s Room

1956: Foster Publishes Sex Variant Women in Literature

January 1, 1957: United Kingdom’s Sexual Offences Act Becomes Law

September 4, 1957: The Wolfenden Report Calls for Decriminalizing Private Consensual Sex


May 27-30, 1960: First National Lesbian Conference Convenes

1961: Illinois Legalizes Consensual Homosexual Sex

1961: Sarria Is First Out Gay or Lesbian Candidate for Public Office

1963: Rechy Publishes City of Night

July 2-August 28, 1963: Rustin Organizes the March on Washington

November, 1965: Revolutionary Cuba Imprisons Gays

February 19-20, 1966: First North American Conference of Homophile Organizations Convenes

August, 1966: Queer Youth Fight Police Harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco

November 21, 1966: First Gender Identity Clinic Opens and Provides Gender Reassignment Surgery

1967: Los Angeles Advocate Begins Publication

March 7, 1967: CBS Airs CBS Reports: The Homosexuals

April 19, 1967: First Student Homophile League Is Formed

May 22, 1967: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Law Preventing Immigration of Gays and Lesbians

July 27, 1967: United Kingdom Decriminalizes Homosexual Sex

Fall, 1967: Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop Opens as First Gay Bookstore

August 11-18, 1968: NACHO Formally Becomes the First Gay Political Coalition

October 6, 1968: Metropolitan Community Church Is Founded

1969: Nuestro Mundo Forms as First Queer Organization in Argentina

1969-1973: Gay Catholics Find Dignity

June 27-July 2, 1969: Stonewall Rebellion Ignites Modern Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement

July 31, 1969: Gay Liberation Front Is Formed

August 26, 1969: Canada Decriminalizes Homosexual Acts

October 31, 1969: TIME Magazine Issues “The Homosexual in America”


1970: Amazon Bookstore Opens as First Feminist-Lesbian Book Shop

May 1, 1970: Lavender Menace Protests Homophobia in Women’s Movement

May 1, 1970: Radicalesbians Issues “The Woman Identified Woman” Manifesto

June 28, 1970: First Lesbian and Gay Pride March in the United States

November 28, 1970: Del Martin Quits Gay Liberation Movement

1971: Kameny Is First Out Candidate for U.S. Congress

1971: Lesbian Tide Publishes Its First Issue

March, 1971: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Is Founded

June, 1971: The Gay Book Award Debuts

November, 1971: The Body Politic Begins Publication

1972-1973: Local Governments Pass Antidiscrimination Laws

March, 1972-March, 1973: First Gay and Lesbian Synagogue in the United States Is Formed

March 22, 1972-June 30, 1982: Equal Rights Amendment Fails State Ratification

June 25, 1972: First Out Gay Minister Is Ordained

November 7, 1972: Jordan Becomes First Black Congresswoman from the South

1973: Brown Publishes Rubyfruit Jungle

1973: Naiad Press Is Founded

1973: National Gay Task Force Is Formed

1973: Olivia Records Is Founded

January 22, 1973: Roe v. Wade Legalizes Abortion and Extends Privacy Rights

June 21, 1973: U.S. Supreme Court Supports Local Obscenity Laws

August, 1973: American Bar Association Calls for Repeal of Laws Against Consensual Sex

Fall, 1973: Lesbian Herstory Archives Is Founded

October 18, 1973: Lambda Legal Authorized to Practice Law

December 15, 1973: Homosexuality Is Delisted by the APA

1974: Bisexual Forum Is Founded

1974: The Front Runner Makes The New York Times Best-Seller List

March 5, 1974: Antigay and Antilesbian Organizations Begin to Form

June 27, 1974: Abzug and Koch Attempt to Amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964

October, 1974: Lesbian Connection Begins Publication

November 5, 1974: Noble Is First Out Lesbian or Gay Person to Win State-Level Election

1975: First Gay and Lesbian Archives Is Founded

1975: First Novel About Coming Out to Parents Is Published

1975: Gay American Indians Is Founded

1975: Rule Publishes Lesbian Images

1975-1983: Gay Latino Alliance Is Formed

July 3, 1975: U.S. Civil Service Commission Prohibits Discrimination Against Federal Employees

September, 1975: Anna Crusis Women’s Choir Is Formed

November 17, 1975: U.S. Supreme Court Rules in “Crimes Against Nature” Case

1976: Katz Publishes First Lesbian and Gay History Anthology

1976-1990: Army Reservist Ben-Shalom Sues for Reinstatement

August 20-22, 1976: Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Holds Its First Gathering

1977: Anita Bryant Campaigns Against Gay and Lesbian Rights

April, 1977: Combahee River Collective Issues “A Black Feminist Statement”

November 18-21, 1977: National Women’s Conference Convenes

December 19, 1977: Quebec Includes Lesbians and Gays in Its Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

December 31, 1977: Toronto Police Raid Offices of The Body Politic

1978: Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Is Founded

1978: Lesbian and Gay Workplace Movement Is Founded

July 3, 1978: U.S. Supreme Court Distinguishes Between “Indecent” and “Obscene”

August 8, 1978: International Lesbian and Gay Association Is Founded

November 7, 1978: Antigay and Antilesbian Briggs Initiative Is Defeated

November 27, 1978: White Murders Politicians Moscone and Milk

1979: Moral Majority Is Founded

1979-1981: First Gay British Television Series Airs

October 12-15, 1979: First March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

October 12-15, 1979: First National Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference Convenes

October 12-15, 1979: Lesbian and Gay Asian Collective Is Founded


1980: Alyson Begins Publishing Gay and Lesbian Books

1980-1981: Gay Writers Form the Violet Quill

April 22, 1980: Human Rights Campaign Fund Is Founded

May-August, 1980: U.S. Navy Investigates the USS Norton Sound in Antilesbian Witch Hunt

June 2, 1980: Canadian Gay Postal Workers Secure Union Protections

1981: Faderman Publishes Surpassing the Love of Men

1981: Gay and Lesbian Palimony Suits Emerge

1981: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Is Founded

1981: This Bridge Called My Back Is Published

1981-1982: GALA Choruses Is Formed

February 5, 1981: Toronto Police Raid Gay Bathhouses

June 5 and July 3, 1981: Reports of Rare Diseases Mark Beginning of AIDS Epidemic

June 6-June 20, 1981: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Concert Tour

October, 1981: Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press Is Founded

December 8, 1981: New York City Gay Men’s Chorus Performs at Carnegie Hall

1982: Lesbian and Gay Youth Protection Institute Is Founded

1982: Lorde’s Autobiography Zami Is Published

1982-1991: Lesbian Academic and Activist Sues University of California for Discrimination

February 25, 1982: Wisconsin Enacts First Statewide Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Law

July, 1982: Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Is Renamed AIDS

August 28, 1982: First Gay Games Are Held in San Francisco

July 14, 1983: Studds Is First Out Gay Man in the U.S. Congress

September, 1983: First National Lesbians of Color Conference Convenes

Spring, 1984: AIDS Virus Is Discovered

October 9, 1984: San Francisco Closes Gay Bathhouses and Other Businesses

November 6, 1984: West Hollywood Incorporates with Majority Gay and Lesbian City Council

December 4, 1984: Berkeley Extends Benefits to Domestic Partners of City Employees

1985: GLAAD Begins Monitoring Media Coverage of Gays and Lesbians

1985: Lesbian Film Desert Hearts Is Released

July 25, 1985: Actor Hudson Announces He Has AIDS

1986: Bowers v. Hardwick Upholds State Sodomy Laws

1986: Paula Gunn Allen Publishes The Sacred Hoop

January, 1986: South Asian Newsletter Trikone Begins Publication

September, 1986: AZT Treats People with AIDS

November, 1986: Californians Reject LaRouche’s Quarantine Initiative

1987: Anzaldúa Publishes Borderlands/La Frontera

1987: Asian Pacific Lesbian Network Is Founded

1987: Compañeras: Latina Lesbians Is Published

1987: Shilts Publishes And the Band Played On

1987: VIVA Is Founded to Promote Latina and Latino Artists

March, 1987: Radical AIDS Activist Group ACT UP Is Founded

April, 1987: Old Lesbians Organize for Change

May, 1987: Lambda Rising Book Report Begins Publication

May 30, 1987: U.S. Congressman Frank Comes Out as Gay

October 11, 1987: Second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

October 14-17, 1987: Latin American and Caribbean Lesbian Feminist Network Is Formed

1988: Macho Dancer Is Released in the Philippines

January 1, 1988: Canada Decriminalizes Sex Practices Between Consenting Adults

March 20, 1988: M. Butterfly Opens on Broadway

May, 1988: Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center Opens

June 27, 1988: Report of the Presidential AIDS Commission

October 11, 1988: First National Coming Out Day Is Celebrated

November 8, 1988: Oregon Repeals Ban on Antigay Job Discrimination

December 1, 1988: First World AIDS Day

1989: Act Up Paris Is Founded

1989: Vaid Becomes Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

1989-1990: Helms Claims Photographs Are Indecent

January 21, 1989: Death of Transgender Jazz Musician Billy Tipton

May 1, 1989: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gender-Role Stereotyping Is Discriminatory

May 3, 1989: Watkins v. United States Army Reinstates Gay Soldier

June 2, 1989: Lambda Literary Award Is Created

December 10, 1989: ACT UP Protests at St. Patrick’s Cathedral


1990: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission Is Founded

1990: United Lesbians of African Heritage Is Founded

1990-1993: Artists Sue the National Endowment for the Arts

1990, 1994: Coming Out Under Fire Documents Gay and Lesbian Military Veterans

March 20, 1990: Queer Nation Is Founded

June, 1990: BiNet USA Is Formed

July 26, 1990: Americans with Disabilities Act Becomes Law

December, 1990: Asian Lesbian Network Holds Its First Conference

1991: LeVay Postulates the “Gay Brain”

1991: Revisionist Criticism Recasts Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

1991: Stone Publishes “A Posttranssexual Manifesto”

April 6, 1991: Asian Lesbians and Gays Protest Lambda Fund-Raiser

August, 1991: Leather Archives and Museum Is Founded

August 27, 1991: The Advocate Outs Pentagon Spokesman Pete Williams

September 29, 1991: California Governor Wilson Vetoes Antidiscrimination Bill

December 17, 1991: Minnesota Court Awards Guardianship to Lesbian Partner

December 30, 1991-February 22, 1993: Canada Grants Asylum Based on Sexual Orientation

1992: Canadian YMCA Extends Family Discounts to Gays and Lesbians

1992: Transgender Nation Holds Its First Protest

1992-2002: Celebrity Lesbians Come Out

1992-2006: Indians Struggle to Abolish Sodomy Law

April 27, 1992: Canadian Government Antigay Campaign Is Revealed

June, 1992: Feinberg Publishes Transgender Liberation

September 23, 1992: Massachusetts Grants Family Rights to Gay and Lesbian State Workers

October, 1992: Canadian Military Lifts Its Ban on Gays and Lesbians

November 3, 1992: Oregon and Colorado Attempt Antigay Initiatives

1993: Intersex Society of North America Is Founded

1993: Monette Wins the National Book Award for Becoming a Man

1993: The Wedding Banquet Is First Acclaimed Taiwanese Gay-Themed Film

1993-1996: Hawaii Opens Door to Same-Gender Marriages

March-April, 1993: Battelle Sex Study Prompts Conservative Backlash

April 24, 1993: First Dyke March Is Held in Washington, D.C.

April 25, 1993: March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation

May 24, 1993: Achtenberg Becomes Assistant Housing Secretary

June 25, 1993: Clinton Appoints First AIDS Czar

September 21, 1993-April 21, 1995: Lesbian Mother Loses Custody of Her Child

November 30, 1993: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy Is Implemented

December 24, 1993-December 31, 1993: Transgender Man Brandon Teena Raped and Murdered

1994: Employment Non-Discrimination Act Is Proposed to U.S. Congress

1994: National Association of Lesbian and Gay Community Centers Is Founded

1994: Navratilova Honored for Her Career in Tennis

June, 1994: Stonewall 25 March and Rallies Are Held in New York City

August 6, 1994: Japanese American Citizens League Supports Same-Gender Marriage

September 16, 1994: U.N. Revokes Consultative Status of International Lesbian and Gay Association

1995: The Advocate Outs Oscar Nominee Nigel Hawthorne

1995: Athlete Louganis Announces He Is HIV-Positive

June 17, 1995: International Bill of Gender Rights Is First Circulated

December 4, 1995: Lesbian Couple Murdered in Oregon

1996: Hart Recognized as a Transgender Man

September 21, 1996: U.S. President Clinton Signs Defense of Marriage Act

1998: Transgender Scholarship Proliferates

April 2, 1998: Canadian Supreme Court Reverses Gay Academic’s Firing

October 6-7, 1998: Gay College Student Shepard Is Beaten and Murdered

October 9-12, 1998: First International Retreat for Lesbian and Gay Muslims Is Held

December 3, 1998-February 25, 1999: Screening of Fire Ignites Violent Protests in India

October 27, 1999: Littleton v. Prange Withholds Survivor Rights from Transsexual Spouses

November, 1999: First Middle Eastern Gay and Lesbian Organization Is Founded

December 20, 1999: Baker v. Vermont Leads to Recognition of Same-Gender Civil Unions

2000 – 2006

January 12, 2000: United Kingdom Lifts Ban on Gays and Lesbians in the Military

March 21, 2000: Hollywood Awards Transgender Portrayals in Film

June 28, 2000: Boy Scouts of America v. Dale

April 20, 2001: Chinese Psychiatric Association Removes Homosexuality from List of Mental Disorders

May 25, 2001: Japanese Human Rights Council Recommends Lesbian and Gay Rights

September 7, 2001: First Gay and Lesbian Television Network Is Launched in Canada

2002: Sylvia Rivera Law Project Is Founded

April 30, 2002: Transgender Rights Added to New York City Law

June 19, 2002: Gays and Lesbians March for Equal Rights in Mexico City

June 28, 2002: Irish American Lesbian Gains Canadian Immigrant Status

October 4, 2002: Transgender Teen Gwen Araujo Is Murdered in California

February 21, 2003: Australian Court Validates Transsexual Marriage

March, 2003-December, 2004: Transsexuals Protest Academic Exploitation

March 21, 2003: New Mexico Amends Its Human Rights Act

April, 2003: Buenos Aires Recognizes Same-Gender Civil Unions

June 17, 2003, and July 19, 2005: Canada Legalizes Same-Gender Marriage

June 26, 2003: U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Texas Sodomy Law

July, 2003: Singapore Lifts Ban on Hiring Lesbian and Gay Employees

July, 2003: Wal-Mart Adds Lesbians and Gays to Its Antidiscrimination Policy

November 18, 2003: Massachusetts Court Rules for Same-Gender Marriage

November 20, 2003: Transgender Day of Remembrance and Remembering Our Dead Project

March 7, 2004: Robinson Becomes First Out Gay Bishop in Christian History

May 17, 2004: Transsexual Athletes Allowed to Compete in Olympic Games

November 18, 2004: United Kingdom Legalizes Same-Gender Civil Partnerships

April 4, 2005: United Kingdom’s Gender Recognition Act Legalizes Transsexual Marriage

June 30, 2005: Spain Legalizes Same-Gender Marriage

November 29, 2005: Roman Catholic Church Bans Gay Seminarians

January, 2006: Jiménez Flores Elected to the Mexican Senate

March 5, 2006: Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Transamerica Receive Oscars



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