The Americas: Sixteenth Century European Settlements Summary

  • Last updated on November 11, 2022

A map showing North, Central, and South America and the West Indies in the sixteenth century.





Reign of Topa Inca

Columbus Lands in the Americas

Ponce de León’s Voyages

Reign of Huayna Capac

West Indian Uprisings

Rise of the Fur Trade

Decline of Moundville

Cortés Conquers Aztecs in Mexico

De Soto’s North American Expedition

Silver Is Discovered in Spanish America

Maya Resist Spanish Incursions in Yucatán

Powhatan Confederacy Is Founded

Lost Colony of Roanoke

Drake’s Expedition to the West Indies

Oñate’s New Mexico Expedition

Ralegh Arrives in Guiana

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