World Exploration in the Sixteenth Century

A map showing the routes of European explorers.

Portuguese Establish a Foothold in Africa

Dias Rounds the Cape of Good Hope

Columbus Lands in the Americas

Cabot’s Voyages

Ponce de León’s Voyages

Portuguese Reach the Swahili Coast

Portugal Begins to Colonize Brazil

Portuguese Viceroys Establish Overseas Trade Empire

Magellan Expedition Circumnavigates the Globe

Cortés Conquers Aztecs in Mexico

Balboa Reaches the Pacific Ocean

Portuguese Reach China

Ottoman-Ruled Egypt Sends Expeditions South and East

Narváez’s and Cabeza de Vaca’s Expeditions

Cartier and Roberval Search for a Northwest Passage

Spain Explores Alta California

St. Augustine Is Founded

Frobisher’s Voyages

Drake Lands in Northern California

Matteo Ricci Travels to Beijing

Drake’s Expedition to the West Indies

Ralegh Arrives in Guiana