The Book of Revelation


“infobox Book “
name The Book of Revelation
image caption New Testament Papyri
author John
country Unknown
language English language
genre(s) New Testament
release date AD 81-96

The Book of Revelation is the final book of the New Testament. It is authored by John, although scholars have debated the author’s true identity, with some believing him to be a figure called “John of Patmos”. Most modern scholars concede that not much can be known about John except that he was likely a Christian prophet.

The Book of Revelation is believed to have been written between AD 81-96. It contains three separate genres: epistolary, apocalyptic and prophetic. The book opens with John, who is on the island of Patmos, writing a letter to the “Seven Churches of Asia” and then describing prophetic visions he has had which ultimately end in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

There are many different interpretations of The Book of Revelation, as is contains such a wide variety of obscure imagery and information. Some believe that the Book describes events from history, whereas some believe that the events described by John have not yet come to pass. Others believe that the information in The Book of Revelation is purely allegorical.