The Little Red Book of Wisdom

ISBN-13: 978-1595553546 (revised edition)

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name The Little Red Book of Wisdom
orig title
author Mark DeMoss
country United States
language English languageEnglish
classification nonfiction
genre Business & Economics
publisher Thomas Nelson
release_date March 2007, revised April 2011
media_type Print (hardcover), Kindle
pages 169
isbn ISBN-10: 1595553541

The Little Red Book of Wisdom is a nonfiction book of business advice by Mark DeMoss, owner and founder of The DeMoss Group, a public relations firm in Atlanta, Georgia. DeMoss formerly worked for the Rev. Jerry Falwell as a spokesman for Liberty University, the college founded by Falwell.
The Little Red Book of Wisdom contains twenty-three short chapters offering practical advice on topics ranging from business ethics to the value of hand-written letters. The themes of honesty, integrity, faith and simplicity are woven throughout. The book is divided into two parts, the first offering “wisdom for your professional life,” the second “wisdom for your personal life.”
DeMoss illustrates his common sense advice with anecdotes culled from twenty years of running a public relations company and from his experience as a husband and father of three children. The book holds up high ethical standards (DeMoss tells of turning down potentially lucrative accounts because of what he saw as an integrity issue), and also warns against relying too much on technology (the DeMoss group still employs human receptionists rather than an automated voicemail system).
DeMoss’s Christian faith is evident throughout the book. His company The DeMoss Group, works predominantly with Christian nonprofit organizations.

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