The De Vil Code

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name The De Vil Code
author Gerard Lawrence
language English
genre Young Adultbr Fantasy
publisher Raider Publishing Int.
release_date April 2009
media_type Print (paperback)
pages 112
isbn ISBN 1-935383-42-6

The De Vil Code Plot summary
Lord Lucius Lucifer Diabolus is the prince of hell. Being the only son of Lucifer, the feared ruler and king of hell, the young prince was much revered and respected throughout his kingdom. Word has it that he will take on Lucifer’s place when the time comes.
The young prince however had other plans on his mind. Just after his 26th birthday, he mustered the courage to confront his father with intentions of going to earth, a place which he had only heard and learned about from his mentor Faust. Lucifer was reluctant at first to grant him permission but after much persuasion, he soon realized that his precious son was no longer a boy and needed the adventure as any young man would and the experience as a future ruler.
Lucius departure to earth couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as there were evil forces in hell plotting to overthrow the almighty Lucifer and to gain the reigns of hell while humans on earth were celebrating Halloween totally oblivious to the fact that the son of the devil has just joined the party.
Young Lucius was having the time of his life in a world totally different from his. He soon grew accustomed to being around humans and blended-in well with his good looks.
As fate would have it, an angel was being banished from heaven at around the same time and their paths naturally intertwined.
Cherubiel was no ordinary angel. She was of one of the highest ranking order of angels called Cherubim and was banished from heaven by the archangel Michael who caught her at the gardens of Eden with the Prince of Tyre. Cherubiel was heart-broken and did not even try to prove her innocence while the other cherubs pleaded for her to be sent to earth instead of hell together with the notorious Prince of Tyre.
The son of the devil and the banished angel quickly took to liking each other and formed a bond the moment they had set eyes on each other. The attraction was mutual and unexplainable. They enjoyed each others companionship in this remote world far from home while hiding the utter truth about themselves.
Lucius soon abandoned his intentions to return home and started performing good deeds which is totally the opposite to what the prince of hell should actually do in order to return to his kingdom. Lucifer learnt of this and quickly dispatched his son’s trusted aid and mentor Faust to earth to find the truth of all these.
Faust was Lucius’ trusted friend and a wise old man who taught him everything ever since the prince was a child. He was once a very well-known alchemist during his time on earth, some even considered him to be a wizard of sorts. His quest for the ultimate knowledge had lead him to make a foolish pack with Memphistopheles in exchange of his soul; an act which he would forever regret.
After hitting a few bumps on the way, the witty old man was quick to get to the bottom of it all and returned with bad news for his master.
Hearing the news, Lucifer’s heart sank. The only way for his son to return to hell is to sin and die but instead of that, Lucius was eloping with an angel. Not giving too much thought, the king of hell immediately ordered Azazel to bring back his son while Memphistopheles had other plans in mind.
Azazel was chief of the nine chairs of fallen angels while Memphistopheles was chief warlock and Lucifer’s second-in-command. Both had hidden agendas on their mind as terrible as they looked. They plotted to kill Lucius and gain the throne of hell by overthrowing Lucifer himself.
In an odd twist of events, Pharos, the castle’s housekeeper learned of this plot and helped Faust escape hell in order to warn and save Lord Lucius. In no time, Faust was back on earth and the trio were soon under pursuit by the evil forces of hell bent on destroying them once and for all. Under Faust’ guidance, they researched and found out that the only place safe for them was purgatory and together they journeyed across Moscow in search of the secret gateway to purgatory which they thought would provide a safe refuge for them.
One clue lead to another and with the help of all the cash Lucius’ father had given him, he and his comrades were on a private jet headed towards Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, home of the twin towers. The prophecy says that to gain entry into purgatory, one must shed a drop of blood while standing outstretched in a pentacle drawn with salt under the shadows of the tallest monument on earth which was built based on the sigil of Lucifer which coincidently was also Lucius’ birthmark on his forearm.
After a few misguided attempts at the Eiffel tower in Paris and the Kio towers in Spain, they discovered that the tallest twin structure on the planet was the Petronas twin towers of Malaysia and its outline was made of the 6 bars of the sigil as predicted.
By this time, both Memphistopheles and Azazel had learnt of their plan and had seeked the help of the Thesalian witches for their evil plot and to gain entry to earth at will. Azazel had also obtained a powerful elixir from the witches that would ensure Faust’s soul no return to hell and to be dead forever hence keeping their secrets safe from Lucifer. He had successfully transformed into a German Shepard and launched an attack at Faust while their private jet was refueling in Dubai, U.A.E.
Memphistopheles rejoiced with the news that Faust will soon die due to the poison injected into him. This consoled him a little from the humiliation he suffered at a previous failed attempt against Lucius back in Moscow.
In the meantime, the trio had successfully crossed time and space into a land called purgatory. Their plan had worked, they were triumphant. However, their joys we short-lived for just as they were about to inspect and investigate this new world in awe, they were captured by the Nephilims, Grigoris and Irins rulling there under their leader Semyaza and Uriel; the angel of death.
Lucius, Cherubiel and Faust were devastated, all their efforts were in vain. They had just gone out of the frying pan and into the fire and now their hearts sank as they were ordered to be killed.
Faust felt a sharp pain and turned behind before collapsing to the ground. Memphis was standing behind him with an evil grin. He had stabbed Faust from the back. Cherubiel couldn’t hold back her tears.
Memphitopheles turned out to be also one of the leaders of purgatory unknown to others. When Semyaza said ‘welcome my friend’. Cherubiel was shocked that her eyes bulged out.
Back in hell, the cell of Faust was no more and had evaporated since his soul was destroyed. Pharos was the first to notice this and hurried as fast as he could, hurled himself across Lucifer’s throne with news of Faust’ death and everything he knew.
Lucifer’s face changed at once. It grew dark and fierce. In an instant he was surrounded by a cloud of smoke and he vanished into thin air only to appear moments later at Avernus the portal. He summoned Azazel and the Thessalian witches with a booming voice so loud that it made the giant minotaur hide like a puppy behind Azazel. No one dared to look at Lucifer. The witches opened to portal and there below him on the dark lake of Avernus, Lucifer saw his son, captured like a beast in purgatory.
The sudden looming thunder storm in purgatory was enough for Memphis to know that something was not right, so he quickly disappeared from the scene. Lucifer couldn’t control his furry, he raised his hands and hurled down thunderbolts and lightning towards the giant Nephilims and the soldiers of purgatory while they attacked the sky in vain. But in a blink of an eye, Semyaza shot his arrow towards Lucius and before the prince of hell could deflect it, it had struck him straight in the chest. It was too fast. Cherubiel let out a shriek. This couldn’t be happening she thought. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. She couldn’t leave without Lucius and with whatever courage she had left, took out a pin from her sleeves and drove it straight to her heart. She fell next to Lucius.
Lucifer who had witnessed all this, was on his knees on the hovering stones above the dark lake now on fire. He stretched an arm trying to scoop his son up but he couldn’t. Lucius’ crown had turned white. He knew his son had done good and his soul is in heaven already.
In that instant, Lucifer stood up, a pair of giant black wings spread from the back of his robe, all the nine levels of hell was shuddering and flapping his wings, Lucifer shot up in flames crying his son’s name aloud. It was as if hell was on fire.
He landed on the white marbled great hall of heaven like a comet from outer space. All the angels and heavenly beings gasped in shock and utter disbelief. Some dared not breathe. Lucifer had returned! He was bigger and more majestic than all the other angels. He strode down the hall slowly leaving burnt skid marks on the floor cracking beneath him while searching for his son amongst the thousands of onlookers on both sides of the great hall. He was a stark contrast to this background which was once his home and kingdom. He then saw the archangel Gabriel at the end of the hall holding a scepter just like him and launched an attack. Gabriel deflected it effortlessly and warned Lucifer that Michael will soon be back and that Lucius entered heaven fair and square and that he could follow him should he wished to do so.
Lucifer turned to the left and there he finally saw his son, in white, seated among the angels looking poised and next to him was Cherubiel. His eyes said it all, Lucius had found his place and he was happy and content.
Without much deliberation, Lucifer again took off in the same manner while blasting the pearly gates on his way out.

The De Vil Code Characters

Lord Lucius Lucifer Diabolus

Prince of hell;26 years old, young and handsome, tall chiseled appearance like his father with jet black hair. Humble, shy, good natured and kind looking.


Belonged to the second highest ranking of angels : cherubim. Banished from heaven. Pretty, pale face framed by silky brown hair with brown eyes.


Lucius’ friend, mentor and teacher. A very wise old man who used to be a famed alchemist/astrologer/academician but made a pact with Memphistopheles and traded his soul for greater knowledge. Clad in brown robe and looks more like a monk.


Ex-seraphim, ex-archangel. Handsome, robed in shiny black satin. Walnut shaped eyes with green pupils and red irises. Dark-lined lower eyelid. Used to be known as Samael.


Butler at the castle, caretaker of Lucius – sort of personal assistant. Lucius’ sees him more as a grandfather. Old man, often limped due to arthritis.


Ex-seraphim. Chief warlock, second-in-command and right-hand-man to Lucifer. Darkened eyes and lips, his red cape is actually extensions of his long hair. Gruesome looking claw jutting out of his left shoulder. Very proud and doesn’t bow down to anyone other than Lucius. Looks over Lucifer’s army and could inhabit human’s soul, bending them at will.


An ex-cherubim, chief of the nine chairs of fallen angels with bat-like wings and snake-like forked tongue. Guards Avernus the portal and controller of monsters in hell. Guardian of the giant Minotaur. He could take the form of any creature he wants.

The Thessalian Witches

Three sexy, bald girls. The Thessalian witches were a group of powerful black magic practitioners on earth during the dark ages who had also sold their souls to Beelzebub, Lord of plague and diseases. They mastered the art of potion making, necromancy, cursing, predicting death and also seeing into the future. They were often inducted into certain occasions in hell and could be viewed as the high priestesses of Lucifer’s kingdom. Surprisingly enough, Lord Lucius was always kept away from them due to his father’s fear that they might tempt him into impregnating them and this would lead to a battle of power for the reins of his stronghold.

Semyaza and Uriel

Fallen angels. Self-proclaimed leaders of purgatory. Half-man half-woman appearance.


This is the life that lucius had ever known, so free yet bounded, so lucky yet cursed, so powerful yet weak. And of course he knew of the existence of heaven and earth just as we know of heaven and hell.
A typical day in his life would’ve included reviewing the army, checking on the privileged latest arrivals, a session with his mentor, language studies and classes to cultivate his powers.
The latter could be anything ranging from fire-bending and teleporting to telekinesis and levitation. Today was special because he was sitting for a customary test weeks after his birthday.
Unlike the scenario we’re accustomed to, Lucius was standing in the middle of a hall without roofs, flexing his fingers getting ready for something.
A woman was standing opposite him at the other end of the hall, her expression stern. His nemesis.
With a wave of her hand, She raised five slabs of granite and threw it towards Lucius. Lucius was quick to suspend four of the blocks in midair with his hand, it came crashing to the floor and the fifth was destroyed with a strike from his trident which he then planted back to the ground next to him. He waited for her next move.
The woman closed her eyes and the area surrounding them turned into a desolate ice field with raging snow storm bringing chills to their spines. Lucius in return closed his eyes and turned the backdrop into a windswept desert with mountain ranges in the distance. His enemy grew impatient over this petty game, she conjured a sand storm around her, magically turning it to a huge tidal wave threatening to obliterate Lucius once and for all. Lucius was not an easy target, he swiftly halted the raging wave with his hands, froze the tall wall of water and shattered it causing icicles to rain down on them.
The lady ducked furiously and hurled herself towards lucius drawing out a sword from under her sleeves. Lucius withdrew his trident and aimed the sharp sword-shaped opposite end towards her, he positioned himself ready for combat. The long swords collided with each other sending shimmering sparks all around them as the two weave in an out of deadlocks aiming mercilessly for their rival’s life.
She thrust and he sprawled backwards, he leapt forwards while she somersaulted off the ground. This dance of skills didn’t last long as lucius masterfully swiveled his trident, locking his opponent’s weapon in its prongs and disarmed her in a neat capoeira-ish display.
Being no inconsiderable foe, the lady stepped back. She stretched an arm towards lucius bringing his trident by an invisible force to her grip. Not wasting a moment, she sent electrifying streams of lightning towards him from his trident. Lucius absorbed them into his palms concentrating the inertia into a ball of mass and forcefully releasing it back to her. She was hit and fell, the trident now at a distance from her.
But not accepting defeat, the lady warlock then mouthed a mantra bringing to life a gargantuan Heterometrus from the sands behind lucius, it had huge pedipalps which could snap lucius’ spine into two. Lucius kept his ground and motioned for his trident which returned to his hand and aimed frantically at the giant scorpion. It caught it by the claws on its pincers and broke it into two. To top it off, the beast now was breathing fire thanks to the evil woman who had cast yet another spell; green flames fuming from beneath its six pairs of eyes. Lucius deflected the flames towards the woman who was charging towards him with her sword. She caught fire and fell to the ground.
The monster was unstoppable but Lucius’ spirit was not dampened. He got hold of one of the scorpion’s legs and jumped on its flat-backed cephalothorax. The trance-stricken scorpion started crawling aimlessly back and forth clearly irritated by the intruder on its back. It curled its bulbous telson intending to aim a strike at lucius. A single wrong move and he would be history. With quick reflexes, lucius jumped avoiding the lunges of the sharp lethal aculeus. It did come down hard and the beast now lying motionless had stung its own back missing lucius by the inches.
These was neither a kung-fu sequence nor an epic Jedi battle. It was Lucius’ final examinations.
“You passed Lucius” said the lady, now smiling. “your father will be proud of you”! that was what Lucius had wanted to hear from his examiner. He was gleaming with pride as there was an applause. They apparently weren’t alone. Faust and Pharos was at the far end along with three bald almost naked girls; no one would’ve guessed that these were the Thessalian witches.
Lucius stepped towards the grounded monster and whispered something in where it ears might’ve been and it not only woke up but sprawled a pair of wings from the wound on its back. The crowd cheered as he mounted it and raised his trident which was handed to him by his recent opponent.
The giant scorpion flapped its wings and soared through the red skies, ridden by Lucius.


The De Vil Code,
A monologue from the novella by Gerard Lawrence (based on chapter 16)
Faust : As I stood there with arms and legs stretched straight in the form of a pentagram under the shadows of the tower, the tropic heat was unbearable. It was mid-day and I was drenched with sweat. Drained out of energy and hope with previous failed attempts and the journey across continents, I reached deep within myself for consolation and tried to remain calm with whatever determination I had left. The dark cloud was approaching and the weather grew windy. It was down to this moment. Any minute now and it would happen, I could feel it in my gut, this time its gonna work. I continued to stand still holding my friends’ hand ignoring the gazes of curious onlookers despite the searing pain on my wound. It raced through every muscle fibre of my outstretched limbs and then it happened. The ground shook, my body quivered, my vision blurred. The gravels were popping and then there was a drag, a vacuum feeling. I can’t explain it, mere words couldn’t possibly explain this outta-this-world experience. I felt the inertia shift through my body. The towers tumbled just as the lighting from the dark cloud struck. BOOM! I was blinded by the bright light and could no longer hold the pentagram posture. We were sucked in deep and it seemed to be a never ending fall. I could no longer feel the pain from the wound in my leg, my nerves were numb and my synapses were racing to process and decipher this new sensation. We were in oblivion. And then out of the blue my foot felt something hard, I hit the ground with a thud. Everything stopped, the multiple nervous stimulation had ended and I was on all fours. Our heads were spinning wildly ; think migraine on a merry-go-round. I naturally start to inspect the surroundings. The place was odd, it was different, a different world altogether. Even the air tasted different. The aftermath of destruction one may think. Still scanning the area slowly as my neurons returned back to their functioning state, it finally occurred to me, this was it! This is the place! We are finally here! The plan worked and we did find the portal! Both Lucius and Cherubiel had the same look of awe and joy on their faces. None of us were even remotely bothered by the fact that our clothes had magically evaporated and we were roaming around totally nude in this barren mystic land. “This is it. This is purgatory” I whispered to them.

Extreme Summary

Son of Devil comes to earth, falls in love with angel