The Mozart Season

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name The Mozart Season
author Virginia Euwer Wolff

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“Now that you’re warmed up, let’s revisit Mr. Mozart,” Mr. Kaplan, who teaches Allegra violin said, but she heard it overlapping to her softball coach. After several months she worked on Mozart’s concerto, they’d made a tape and sent it to the Bloch Competition in February. After that in the softball season, she’d stopped being a violinist. Now, that school finished, Mr. Kaplan told her about the competition, which her dad who’s a cellist already knew, that Allegra was selected for one of the finalists. She could decide not to play, but decided to do it. When she went home, her bigger brother Bro David was there making comics and she talked to him about the competition, but he did not listen first. When Allegra told him the whole thing, he said “Winning won’t make you queen of the world. It’s a concerto; it’s not the future of the universe.” She was afraid, but actually said to her dad she’s going to do it when dad came home. Allegra was told to turn pages for him that night. She changed her clothes to a dark colored skirt, and went to the park. When Allegra sat back and got ready for turning pages, she found the dancing man.
When Allegra got there, her mom wasn’t there yet, she got there late. Allegra wanted to talk about the competition, but she had to wait. Her mom gave a grin, which she put her hands beside her face and grins her mouth wide. When Allegra was thinking the judges watching her, she found the dancing man, dancing like a chicken, which you put both arm elbows beside, and move up and down. Some of the people were staring at it. The dancing man smiled at Allegra, so she smiled back at him. After meeting with her mom, Allegra rode home. She was complimented and got paid for the pages. She could finally talk about the competition. Of course, her mom knew about it and it was Mr. Kaplan’s plan to tell her after school finishes, to concentrate on projects and softballs. Allegra was said from Mr. Kaplan that she has to play the concerto one thousand times by September, which is when the competition is, and her mom said it will get very, very scary. The first time Allegra talked about the competition to Bro David, he said about Deirdre, who sings at concerts. He said Deirdre is strange, so she thought she might end up like that. Deirdre lives in New York, and she and Allegra’s mom sometimes stay on the phone for hours.
After thinking about Teddy, Allegra’s first and last boy friend, she curled up on her pillow and started fingering the last movement of the Allegro part in the concerto and thought it’s a cheerful thing to play.
CH 4
The beginning of the chapter starts out with allegro slipping a note under her parent’s room about Deirdire dropping her earring inside of daddy’s cello. In the early morning allegros mom and dad came down and took the earring out
They had breakfast all together in the dining room and Deirdire was really surprised because she would never do that in New York. After breakfast Deirdire had rehearsal so Allegra’s mom drover her down to rehearsal. Rehearsal was over and Deirdire was back. Allegra and Deirdire decided to go to the rose garden. When they got there they walked around. They found a big sculpture with 3 long columns. Deirdire started knocking with her knuckles on one of the big columns and it made a nice drum sound. Allegra joined and people in the park started joining. When they were all over they decided on there group name that it was going to be rose music.
CH 5
After Deirdre took a nap, Deirdre, Allegra and Allegra’s mom drove to the reed college, where Deirdre was going to have her concert. When they were driving, Deidre was acting weird. She was staring straight ahead, mumbling something. Allegra was sitting in the back of the car so she couldn’t hear what exactly Deirdire was saying but it sounded like “horrible, wonderful, horrible, wonderful, horrible…” then Allegra’s mom reached over and grabbed Deidre’s hand. They got to the reed college and found a place to sit. Someone came over to Allegra and asked her to turn her pages. Allegra couldn’t remember who she was but her face was familiar. She took the job. Allegra’s dad came and the concert started.
She did a great job. People were asking her for autograph and coming up to her to talk and shake her hand.
That night Deidre screamed and woke everybody up. Allegra’s mom came running down and held her in her arms and tucked her back in to bed. Allegra felt like they both new what to do.
At breakfast they all seemed like nothing happened last night. They went to the water front concert where thousands of people come to. The dancing man was there. Like always he was dancing by his self so Deidre went over to do dancing man and danced with him.
chapter 10
The chapter starts with Allegra practicing her first movement in the concerto in the morning, 3 hours before lesson, with her pajamas still on with out being very awake.
After practicing by herself, she eats her breakfast and goes to the lesson with Mr.Kaplan. Then after the lesson she goes back home, and finds a present on the floor. But
She thinks that it’s someone else’s present from grandma Raisa, which was mistaken and got sent to Allegra. She opens the present anyways, and finds a letter that said “read first”.
The letter was from Raisa Bubbe. On the letter was written about Raisa’s history about her child hood time, when she got sent to America by her parents for saving her from the Treblinka. It also said about her mom tucking a picture of her self secretly in to her stuff, and parents dieing in the Treblinka.
CH 11
In the beginning Allegra was explaining where her violin was from then she had to practice for the concert. Then she had Jessica and Sarah over. Allegro had lessons today so she went to Mr.Kaplans house. The first half of the lesson they were talking but the rest they practiced. 4 days letter Allegra got a phone call in the early morning. The call was about if Allegra could turn pages tonight. Allegra took the job. She went out on her bike and rode around.
CH 12
Allegra called her grandmother to say thanks for her present. Allegra turned more pages for others. Then her parent5s were away from David and Allegra so they were in charge of each other. Her parents came back and Allegra had an appointment to be on TV with the other 6 finalist in the Bloch competition so her mother drove her there. Before the TV show started they had time so the finalist was socializing but one of the guy would never talk. TV show ended very quickly and all the finalist went on the elevator to go down stair so they could go home but half way though the elevator stopped. No one panicked, they just talked. The elevator door opened and they were safe. In the end of the chapter Allegra explains that she doesn’t want to be on television again.