The Pushcart War

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name The Pushcart War
author Jean Merrill

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Chapter 1 to 4
Chapter 5 to 8
Trucks kept becoming bigger and bigger. A well known movie star called Wenda Gambling was scared that if she passes a truck, it would explode. The trucks were so big that the person behind a truck wouldnt be able to see any street signs. Wenda wouldnt pass a truck but she couldnt see the street signs too. She not only pass her destination, but ended up at Bear Mountain about 50 miles beyond city limits before she knew where she was. She needed to spend her night in a log cabin in Harriman State Park. One of the first people to speak out against trucks was a man called Archie Love. He was running mayer at that time. He promised to have less trucks on the streets, but that was before Emmet Cudd made his famous peanut butter speech in Union Square. The peanut butter speech is about selling peanut butter and and if you have lots of peanut butter, you need a big truck.
On a television program called “The Day Traffic Stopped.” They talked about why the traffic completly stopped the day before. They had experts and Wenda Gambling. The experts said things that no one understood but Wenda Gambling said the trucks are too big so the traffic stoped. Lots of people agreed with her.
So the truck drivers had a meeting where they decided to blame the pushcarts for the traffic.
Chapter 9 to 12
Chapter 13 to 15
The pushcart pedlers decided to fight back by using pea shooters. One pushcart pedler called Mr.Jerusalem took forever to get more peapins to shoot because the traffic was a mess. All the trucks were stuck from flat tires. The pedlers had Maxie Hammermans shop as a Head Quarters. They had a map with red and gold pea pins in the map and pedlers reporting how many flat tires they made and where. The gold pea pins stand for the really big hits and red for the normal ones. The truck drivers didnt know what hit them. There were too many flat tires made from just bad luck. Big Moe blames the tire company for using rotten rubber. The president of the tire company was offended and stoped selling Big Moe any tires. It was strange because no one found the peapin in the tires. But 1 mechanic found a undamaged peapin and found 2 more latr. So he became suspicous. Now the mechanics knew what to look for. So they found more of them. The newspaper called it a peatack. At first people thoguht they were somehow scattered all
Chapter 16 to 19
Chapter 20 to 24
The mayor gave an order so no one in New York could sell dried peas. Big Moe helped the mayor by blocking all the tunnels and bridges that lead to New York with trucks. The mayor also made a peatack squad to close all peapackaging plants. All the packagers didnt do what they were told until the peatack squad came. When the peatack squad went to Posey’s plant, they started fighting. The peatack squad won and searched the building. The chief of the peatack squad found an order of a ton of peas that were ordered by Wenda Gambling and were sent to Maxie Hammermans. So the peatack squad raided Maxie Hammermans and found pea shooters and amunition and a map full of peapins in them. When the police asked Maxie about all the stuff, Maxie managed to explain everything and was free to go. When the three heard about it, they decided to kidnap Maxie. But a cleaning woman was taking notes about the plan to kidnap Maxie.
Chapter 25 to 28
Chapter 29 to 33
The pushcarts decided to have a peace march. The pushcarts were divided into 3 groups. Mr.Jerusalem was to lead the first group down West Street. Harry the hotdog was to lead the second down Broome Street. General Anna to lead the third down Green Street. The first and second groups succeeded in stopping the trucks. But in the third group, a truck driver named Mack (the same Mack that hit Morris the Florist) saw Morris next to Anna. So he tried to run down Morris by charging into the Peace March. No one was dead but lots were badly hurt. After that, the Mayor suspended pushcarts because a fire hydrant was broken. Then pushcarts couldn’t fight at all. Then, lots of people started sending letters about how pushcarts help them to newspapers. So the truckers finally gave up and surendered.
Chapter 34 to 36

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