The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert
John M. Gottman, PhD, and Nan Silver
1. Inside the Seattle Love Lab: The Truth about Happy Marriages
2. How I predict Divorce
3. Principle 1: Enhance your Love Maps
4. Principle 2: Nurture your fondness and admiration
5. Principle 3: Turn toward each other instead of away
6. Principle 4: Let your partner influence you
7. The two kinds of marital conflict
8. Principle 5: Solve your solvable problems
9. Coping with typical solvable problems
10. Principle 6: overcome gridlock
11. Principle 7: create shared meaning
Afterword: What now?
Synopsis: The author has studied married couples in his lab, and he has found that marriages that last all display effective use of these 7 principles. Marriages that don’t last are deficient in them. Several examples are given. Quizzes and activities are found in the book as well to do a self-diagnosis.