characters: Tally: is the main character and in the beggining turns out to be an ugly
Shay: is another character that Tally barely meets after making a jump at a party
David: he is one of Shay’s friends or contacts that is not from the rusties but a city called the smoke
Croy: is another one of Shay’s friends from the smoke and also makes friends with Tally
More Characters to know later
Chapter 1: in the very beginning of the story Tally is in new pretty town with an old friend named Peris who is Tally’s best friend only thing is that he’s pretty and Tally’s ugly not bad for a begging eh, alright so Tally crashes a party now she has to escape the party and do whatever she can, she jumps out of the party tower and saves herself by using a bungee jacket, then as she makes it safe she has to escape now.
Chapter 2: Now she has escaped, she saw another ugly who happened to be a female, her name was Shay, while her and Tally had conversation they now got out of new pretty town, they escaped new pretty town in one peace and never looked back again, now Shay was teaching Tally how to hoverboard now for therefore she had so much to learn
Chapter 3: