Uglies is the first book in The Uglies Series, written by Scott Westerfeld about a young girl named Tally Youngblood. It is set in a futuristic world where, after every childs 16th birthday, they are turned supermodel gorgeous by an extreme operation, supposedly to make everyone equal so that people aren’t prejudice and there are no wars. Those who are under 16 and have not received the operation are called Uglies, those who’ve had the operations are called Pretties, and old people who have had the operation are called Crumblies. The book often mentions “Rusties”, which are the people of today, but after a while we started the apocalypse and most of us died because of a disease going through the air that made gas blow up when it touched oxygen. – That made cars unusable, and getting out of disaster zones hard. “Rusties” are the excuse the government uses when asked why pretties are made “Bubble-Headed” -meaning stupid, and out of it, or brain controlled. So that nobody can argue or speak freely except for one group of people.”Specials” Or “Special Circumstance” are a group of people who haven’t had the operation and have had a surgery that makes them super humans and super scary-looking on the outside while still sort of looking pretty. They keep the Pretty, Ugly system working by stopping independent uglies and “The Smoke” from stopping the operation.”The Smoke” is a place where uglies who don’t want the operation run off to to live a Bubble head free existence. They live like pre rusties, (which in our era means without technology, and killing animals for food, and living in tents, and basically camping.)