What Happened to My Little Girl?

“infobox Book”
name What Happened to My Little Girl?
orig title
author Nancy Rue with Jim Rue
country United States
language English languageEnglish
classification nonfiction
genre Christian Life
publisher Zondervan
release_date March 2011
media_type Print (paperback), Kindle
pages 160
isbn ISBN 0310284724

What Happened to My Little Girl? is a nonfiction family life book by Nancy and Jim Rue, published by Zondervan. Nancy, a tween girl “specialist” is the author of 108 books about girls in the 9-12 age range.
Rue offers practical advice on how to raise tween girls well in a culture ringing with dissonant voices and messages about who and what they should be. With topics ranging from physical changes and roller coaster emotions to body image issues and boys, Rue serves forth a comprehensive plan on how to guide tween daughters through the pre-teen years with wisdom, patience and a good dose of humor.
Written specifically for dads, with apropos anecdotes and numerous quotes from tween girls about their relationships with their fathers during this turbulent time of life, What Happened to My Little Girl? gives men a roadmap to the often-times confusing worlds of their “mini-women.”

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