Asia in the 17th Century Summary

  • Last updated on November 10, 2022

A map showing the various peoples of Asia in the seventeenth century.





The Pepper Trade

China Begins Shipping Tea to Europe

Rise of the Manchus

Li Zicheng’s Revolt

End of the Ming Dynasty

Manchus Take Beijing

Zheng Pirates Raid the Chinese Coast

Height of Qing Dynasty

First Widespread Smallpox Inoculations

Rebellion of the Three Feudatories

Treaty of Nerchinsk Draws Russian-Chinese Border

British Establish Trading Post in Canton

Mughal Court Culture Flourishes

Dutch Dominate Southeast Asian Trade

Europeans Settle in India

Shah Jahan Builds the Taj Mahal

British East India Company Establishes Fort Saint George

Reign of Aurangzeb

Portugal Cedes Bombay to the English

Founding of the Marāthā Kingdom

Singh Founds the Khalsa Brotherhood

Age of Mercantilism in Southeast Asia

Dutch Defeat the Portuguese in Bantam Harbor

Ottoman-Ṣafavid Wars

Murad IV Rules the Ottoman Empire

Ṣafavid Dynasty Flourishes Under ՙAbbās the Great

Reign of Shah ՙAbbās II

Persecution of Iranian Jews

Japan Admits Western Traders

Tokugawa Shogunate Begins

Okuni Stages the First Kabuki Dance Dramas

Neo-Confucianism Becomes Japan’s Official Philosophy

Siege of Ōsaka Castle

Japanese Ban Christian Missionaries

Promulgation of the Buke Shohatto and Kinchū Narabini Kuge Shohatto

Edo’s Floating World District

Japan’s Seclusion Policy

Shimabara Revolt

Edo Rebellions

Ietsuna Shogunate

Work Begins on Japan’s National History

Meireki Fire Ravages Edo

Reign of Tsunayoshi as Shogun

Genroku Era

Great Jelālī Revolts

Janissary Revolt and Osman II’s Assassination

Great Fire of Constantinople and Murad’s Reforms

Shabbetai Tzevi’s Messianic Movement Begins

Civil War Ravages Vietnam

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