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name Londonistan
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author Melanie Phillips
country United Kingdom
language English
classification Non-Fiction
publisher GibsonSquare
release_date 2006
media_type Print (Hardback)
pages 304
isbn ISBN 1903933765


Chapter 1: The Growth of Londonistan

Britain’s Muslims came principally from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India during the Sixties and Seventies. These Muslims are now being radicalised by hard-line Arab Muslim exiles who have claimed sanctuary in Britain as political refugees.

Chapter 2: The Human Rights Jihad

The British legal system is now subordinate to European and international legal systems which concern themselves with upholding supposedly universal values and protecting minorities, rendering British laws impotent against them.

Chapter 3: The Security Debacle

Britain believed that its tolerant environment would enable immigrants to prosper and be happy living there. It also felt that it had no right to interfere with people’s religion, however they may practise it. But Muslim scripture espouses holy war, and Muslim extremists have abused British tolerance to make London their centre for terrorist activity in Europe, with British Muslims attacking even the city itself.

Chapter 4: Multicultural Paralysis

Britain decided that its traditional values were antiquated or colonial, and ditched them in favour of new multicultural ones, giving positive discrimination towards minorities. Schools were told to stop teaching anything deriving from Britain’s historically Christian background as it might be discriminatory, and dissenters were denounced as racist bigots. The baby was thrown out with the bathwater, and Britain’s national pride was banished in the quest for cultural harmony.

Chapter 5: Alienation of British Muslims

Islam favours rule by God rather than rule by man, so it believes its religious duty is to contest secular government and redeem the West from its modern decadence. Thus it does not seek mere accommodation of its minority needs, but extension of its guiding principles to all, and deprived of its former values and identity Britain has become a ripe target for a proselyte-seeking faith such as Islam.

Chapter 6: Scapegoating the Jews

Suicide bombing of Britain or Israel are each the murder of innocent civilians.

Chapter 7: The Red-Black Alliance

The British far left forged an unholy alliance with Muslim extremists, despite Islam’s repressive attitudes towards women and homosexuals traditionally represented by the left-wing, spearheaded by London mayor Ken Livingstone and Respect party leader George Galloway, to create a combined force against what they perceive as an American-Zionist capitalist/imperialist conspiracy, adopting ardent anti-Semitism which used to be the preserve of the far right.

Chapter 8: On Their Knees before Terror

In its quest for inter-faith harmony and in an attempt to adapt to modern times, the Church of England has abandoned its founding values in favour of multicultural ones, and has lost its identity completely. In atonement for having asserted itself in the past on foreign cultures, it no longer promotes its message of truth, seeking appeasement instead with other cultures. Muslims across the world burn churches and synagogues, fight Hindus in India, and destroy Buddhist icons in Afghanistan, yet the Church of England no longer desires to defend itself, in stark contrast to the strength displayed by fundamentalist and evangelist churches in America.

Chapter 9: The Appeasement of Clerical Fascism

Bin Laden’s ‘Letter To The American People’ made clear that localised political grievances were only part of his motivation, as he also wanted to convert the whole world to Islam. Conflict resolution is clearly not enough, as even most moderate Muslims seek to expand their faith, and attempts to embrace Muslims within the heart of British society by legitimising their desires and granting them political representation merely enhance their power to pursue the Islamisation of Britain.


Terrorism preys on weakness and appeasement, and British Muslims now hold the entire British society at gunpoint. Islamism is the drive for Islamisation of society and should be regarded as treason. Britain’s liberality has rendered it vulnerable, and although Tony Blair has tried to stem the tide, his time is now at an end. Heaven forbid that the USA slide down a similar path when Bush is no longer president.

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