The World in the Nineteenth Century

A map of the world in 1801 and the world in 1900.

Louisiana Purchase

Great Britain Begins Colonizing Tasmania

Astorian Expeditions Explore the Pacific Northwest Coast

Mexican War of Independence

Napoleon Invades Russia

Bolívar’s Military Campaigns

Britain Acquires the Cape Colony

Westward American Migration Begins

Zulu Expansion

Adams-Onís Treaty Gives the United States Florida

Congress Passes Land Act of 1820

Santa Fe Trail Opens

Brazil Becomes Independent

France Conquers Algeria

Great Britain Occupies the Falkland Islands

South Africa’s Great Trek Begins

Melbourne, Australia, Is Founded

Upper and Lower Canada Unite

Webster-Ashburton Treaty Settles Maine’s Canadian Border

United States Acquires Oregon Territory

United States Occupies California and the Southwest

Liberia Proclaims Its Independence

Exploration of East Africa

Gadsden Purchase Completes the U.S.-Mexican Border

Russia Sells Alaska to the United States

Japan Expands into Korea

German States Unite Within German Empire

U.S. Census Bureau Announces Closing of the Frontier

British Subdue African Resistance in Rhodesia

Ethiopia Repels Italian Invasion