Chronological List Summary

  • Last updated on November 10, 2022

1865: “The Absolute Equality of All Men before the Law, the Only True Basis of Reconstruction”

1865: Prospects of the Freedmen of Hilton Head

1865: Thaddeus Stevens: Speech to Congress

1865: Letter from Black Soldiers of North Carolina to the Freedmen's Bureau Commissioner

1865: Address of a Convention of Negroes Held in Alexandria, VA

1865: The Freedmen's Bureau Bill

1865: Mississippi Black Code

1865: Louisiana Black Code

1865: Letter to T.P. Chandler

1866: Alexander Stephens: “On Reconstruction”

1866: Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction

1866: “The One Man Power vs. Congress”

1866: Frederick Douglass: “Reconstruction”

1866: “The Education of the Freedmen”

1866: Letters from Louisiana

1866: Letter from Roanoke Island

1866: Civil Rights Act of 1866

1867: First Reconstruction Act

1867: Second Reconstruction Act

1867: “A Long Silence”

1868: Articles of Impeachment against President Andrew Johnson

1868: From Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation since the War

1868: Notice from the Ku Klux Klan to Davie Jeems

1868; 1869: The Sad State of Indian Affairs

1868; 1870: Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution

1869: President Grant's First Inaugural Address

1870: Letter to Senator Joseph C. Abbott on the Ku Klux Klan

1870s: Recollections of the Inhabitants, Localities, Superstitions, and Ku Klux Outrages of the Carolinas, by a “Carpet-Bagger” Who Was Born and Lived There

1870: “The North Owes the Colored Race a Deep Obligation”

1870: Letter to Republican Senators and Representatives

1870: A Contested Election: Report to Congress on the Activities of the Ku Klux Klan

1872: “The First-Class Men in Our Town”

1872: “A Plea for General Amnesty”

1874: United States v. Cruikshank

1875: “Half Free, Half Slave”

1875: Civil Rights Act of 1875

1876: Blanche Bruce: Speech in the Senate

1876: Freedmen's Monument Speech

1876: Ulysses S. Grant: Letter to Daniel H. Chamberlain

1879: Sharecropping Contract

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