Chronological List Summary

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1956: Senator John F. Kennedy on America's Stake in Vietnam

1956: “The Path of Revolution in the South”

1957: President Ngo Dinh Diem: Address to US Congress

1960: Memo from Ambassador Durbrow to Diem

1961: Notes on a National Security Council Meeting

1961: Letter from JFK to Diem

1962: Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield on US Policy in Southeast Asia

1963: On the Prospect of a Generals' Coup

1963: Televised Interview with President Kennedy

1963: Ambassador Lodge on the Worsening Situation

1963: CIA Memo on National Liberation Front Methods

1964: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

1965: Call for a March on Washington

1965: A New Approach to Retaliation

1965: LBJ: “Peace Without Conquest”

1965: Protest Speech by Paul Potter

1965: Meeting Between the President and His Advisors

1965: “Why We Are in Vietnam”

1965: A Recommendation for Troop Increases

1966: General Westmoreland on Military Operations

1966: Message from Ho Chi Minh

1967: Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Beyond Vietnam”

1967: “No Attractive Course of Action”

1967: An Antidraft Call to Action

1968: An Unwinnable War

1968: The Tet Offensive: A CIA Assessment

1968: “We are Mired in Stalemate”

1968: The President and His Advisors Review the Situation

1968: President Johnson on Limiting the War

1969: Conversation between Presidents Nixon and Thiêu

1969: Weathermen Manifesto

1969: Testimony regarding the My Lai Massacre

1969: Henry Kissinger to Nixon

1969: Nixon on the “Silent Majority” and “Vietnamization”

1970: Nixon on Operations in Cambodia

1970: George McGovern Urges an End to the War

1970: Report of the President's Commission on Campus Unrest, with Response from President Nixon

1971: John Kerry's Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

1972: Taped Conversation between Nixon and Kissinger

1973: President Nixon to President Thiêu

1973: The Paris Peace Accords

1975: Plea for Emergency Aid for Saigon

1977: Pardon of Draft Evaders

1981: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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