Chronological List Summary

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1939: Letter from President Roosevelt to Chancellor Adolf Hitler

1939: Albert Einstein's Letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt

1939: F.D.R: There Will Be No Blackout of Peace in America

1939: President Roosevelt's Speech Recommending Revision of the Neutrality Law

1940: We Must Not Falter Now

1940: Compulsory Service Must Be Adopted

1940: The Country is Being Rushed into Military Conscription

1940: Proclamation 2425: Selective Service Registration

1940: Letter Regarding the Plight of German Jews

1941: Our Own Democracy is Threatened

1941: We Ought to Stay Out of the War

1941: Lend-Lease Act

1941: Joint Resolution of the US Congress Reaffirming the Principles of the Monroe Doctrine

1941: The Japanese American Creed

1941: Executive Order 8802—Fair Employment Practices in Defense Industries

1941: Atlantic Charter

1941: Joint Message of Assistance to the Soviet Union from President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill

1941: Excerpts of the Munson Report

1941: Memorandum for the President, December 7, 1941

1941: Fourteen-Part Message from Japan to the United States and Secretary Hull's Response

1941: The Man in the Street Reacts to Pearl Harbor

1941: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech

1941:Presidential Proclamation 2526: Alien Enemies—Germans

1941: Presidential Proclamation 2527: Alien Enemies—Italians

1941: German Declaration of War with the United States

1941: Our Heritage Can Be Preserved Only by Fighting

1941: Charles Lindbergh: Radio Address

1942: Declaration by the United Nations

1942: We Need Tanks, Not Talk

1942: Those Who Deserve Freedom Will Fight for It

1942: Let Us Not Persecute These People

1942: The Colored People Are Still Waiting, Still Watchful

1942: President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Broadcast to Canadians

1942: Executive Order 9066—Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians

1942: More Dollars Do Not Mean More Goods

1942: Master Lend-Lease Agreement

1942: Letter Recommending Navajo Enlistment

1942: The American Workers' Responsibility

1942: Women's Part in the War Effort

1942: Don't Make Slaves of Future Generations

1942: President Roosevelt's “Call for Sacrifice”

1942: To All Persons of Japanese Ancestry

1942: Mutual Aid Agreement Between the United States and the Soviet Union

1942: The War and Human Freedom

1942: Notices to the US State Department Regarding Nazi Plans to Eliminate Jews

1942: Cable from London to Rabbi Stephen Wise Regarding the Final Solution

1942: We Love Honor More Than We Fear Death

1942: The American Jewish Leaders Meeting with President Roosevelt

1943: January 1943 Telegram Confirming Reports of Mass Execution of Jews in Poland

1943: Casablanca Conference

1943: Let Us Have Action for Women Instead of Lip-Service

1943: An Interview with an Older Nisei

1943: Digest of Operation Overlord

1943: Armistice with Italy

1943: What Shall We Do With Germany?

1943: Moscow Declaration Regarding the Postwar Period

1943: Cairo Declaration

1943: An Act to Repeal the Chinese Exclusion Acts

1944: Report on the Failures of the US State Deparment ot Assist European Jews

1944: Memo on Army Policy Regarding Refugee Rescue

1944: The Spirit of Liberty

1944: General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Order of the Day

1944: The Invasion Starts

1944: Rosenheim Letter Requesting Bombing of Deportation Rail Lines

1944: War Department Cable Refusing to Bomb Deportation Railways

1944: The Public's Responsibility Toward Veterans

1944: Radio Address by General Douglas MacArthur at the Leyte Beachhead

1945: Protocol of Proceedings of Crimea (Yalta) Conference

1945: Declaration Regarding the Defeat of Germany and the Assumption of Supreme Authority by Allied Powers

1945: Report to the President by Mr. Justice Jackson

1945: A Petition to the President Regarding the Atomic Bomb

1945: Rehabilitation and Moral Reconstruction for Germany

1945: President Truman's Announcement of the Hiroshima Bombing

1945: International Conference on Military Trials—Agreement and Charter

1945: Statement by Justice Jackson on War Trials Agreement

1945: Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers' General Order No. 1

1945: Declaration on the Atomic Bomb

1946: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Nature of An Atomic Explosion

1946: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Selection of the Target

1946: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Main Conclusion

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